Irv Gotti has been keeping a lower profile for years when it comes to his moves in the industry, but he's still been using his platform to help guide artists and entrepreneurs and tell stories of Murder Inc. Records' past. This week (May 10), the label founder revealed he has plans to relaunch Murder Inc., and is recruiting some new artists to the roster.

Gotti kept it candid while speaking on the relaunch via Instagram, addressing his past with the label and referencing the infamous office raid that sparked the imprint's demise in 2003. He also spoke on the work he has done to cheer on other artists, and commended his journey as a figure in hip-hop.

"Oh and by the way!! I'm about to RE LAUNCH MURDER INC RECORDS!! I got some new artist. New music. Same fucking MOVEMENT! The Worlds Most Talented Record Label. Everyone had a lot of fun. While I had to re group from the Feds coming after me. Had to plot and plan and fall back while I watched everyone else eat. I watched gracefully. I applauded and congratulated everyone who deserved it. Never one bone of hate in my body. I love to see my niggas win and eat. BUT ITS MY TURN NOW!! My Money is right. And I'm back!! Major Announcements Coming Soon. Who Murder Inc will be partnered with. And what Artist I am fucking with!!" he wrote.

At the moment, Gotti is currently working with BET to launch their Tales series, a scripted anthology show that will tell the stories of classic rap lyrics. We have a lot to look forward to from the music executive over the next year.

See what Irv Gotti said about the Murder Inc. Records relaunch below. No words yet on which artists he's bringing on board.

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