Rumors are running rampant on the island that the Secret Service may shuttle the Vice President to the Grand Hotel in a (gasp!) car!!!

This weekend the Grand Hotel will host the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference, and Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to speak at the event.

This has caused Islanders to wonder whether the long time ban on motor vehicles will end because the Secret Service has requested a Chevy Suburban to shuttle Pence to the hotel.

According to the Detroit Free Press: 

Nobody would confirm Wednesday that the Secret Service had insisted on a motorized vehicle for Pence as a security measure. But nobody was denying it, either.

There are motor vehicles on the Island, and one local bar manager anonymously told the Free Press, "We do have them for certain purposes, and I understand why (a vice president's visit) would be one of them."

The article also delivered this odd, but tantalizing bit of Vice Presidential news:

Pence's purported break with precedent for island visitors comes just days after the vice president reportedly told House Republicans that during a 2018 visit to a Kentucky horse farm, Triple Crown winner American Pharaoh bit him so hard on the arm he "almost collapsed."

WTH? Let's get more info from that link shall we?

Pence said he was invited to grab Pharoah's reins, and that's when the bite happened. But farm manager Dermot Ryan said that type of behavior from Pharoah is not typical.

“If he gave someone a nasty bite, I’d know it,” Ryan told McClatchy DC.

Barr spokeswoman Jodi Whitaker told McClatchy the congressman did not see a biting incident but was on Air Force Two when the vice president showed off a bruise.

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