The Fourth of July is not even here yet, and one Michigan child has lost 4 fingers while lighting off fireworks at home.

Kids Love Fireworks But They Are Dangerous

There is no doubt that kids love fireworks. Even adults enjoy fireworks and many like to light them off in their neighborhoods.

When I was a kid I dreamed of getting a brick of firecrackers. The M-80 was a much more powerful explosive which was hard to come by at that time because you couldn't even buy these types of fireworks in Michigan. It was pretty much sparklers, snakes, and smoke bombs which believe it or not could still be dangerous for a kid because all three emit fire as they burn.

When it comes to fireworks, even adults can get injured so it's important to keep these out of the reach of children.  Anything involving fireworks and kids must be under adult supervision and locked up safely where they can't get them when an adult is not around.

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Michigan Child Loses 4 Fingers While Lighting Fireworks

It's not even the Fourth of July yet and a Michigan child has already lost 4 fingers after a fireworks explosion.

According to WOOD, two 11-year-old twin girls were at home alone in River Rouge, 10 miles southwest of Detroit when they lit a firework they thought would only shoot sparks. It turned out that the firework was extremely powerful similar to dynamite and wound up blowing 4 fingers off one of the girl's hands. The other sister suffered minor injuries from the debris.

Fortunately, neighbors heard the explosion and ran to the girls to help. One neighbor applied a tourniquet to one of the girl's hands that lost her fingers until emergency vehicles arrived.  Police are investigating where the girls purchased the fireworks and criminal charges could follow.

These Fireworks Are Legal In Michigan

Though some of these fireworks may be banned in other states, these are the fireworks you can set off with no worries. Firework categories come from the Fireworks General FAQ document from the State of Michigan. Note: Display Fireworks need to be specially ordered are only allowed to be used by professionals and are not covered in this gallery.

Gallery Credit: Tommy McNeill

30 Outrageous Fireworks Names That Sound Fake, But Are Actually Real

In states where fireworks are legal to purchase, stores have to rely on creative names to entice buyers. It's not like they can just go out and light off a test rocket to show customers.

Here are some of the best fireworks names we found when searching leading industry stores' online inventory.

Gallery Credit: Rob Carroll