As someone who was born and raised here in Grand Rapids, I have been very fortunate to have traveled around my home state quite a bit growing up. There are a few places that my friends and I love to take day trips up to, but there are places that I still (criminally) have not taken the time to visit.


I saw a TikTok recently from The Wandering Michigander where she highlighted 7 places to visit in Michigan, and I was reminded how diverse this state is. But more importantly, I was also reminded of some places I need to stop at this summer. Considering today is National Plan A Vacation Day, it seems like the perfect time to explore the places I will be traveling to this summer.


Here are the places to visit:

Michigan Locations That Need To Be On Your Bucketlist

Michigan is known for its natural beauty. Whether you live here or not, these seven places perfectly showcase the magic that this state offers that you can't see anywhere else.

Gallery Credit: Tommy McNeill

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