You would think that Better Made potato chips and weed would be the perfect combo.

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But in this case, it's resulted in a lawsuit.

Better Made Suing Weed Companies For Having A Similar Logo

Better Made Potato Chips, known for its iconic logo, is suing Better Smoke, a marijuana and edibles company, for using logos that look similar to Better Made's.

Credit: Canva WDIV 4 via Youtube
Credit: Canva WDIV 4 via Youtube

The lawsuit alleges trademark infringement, which can have serious consequences for both parties involved.

What Is Trademark Infringement

Trademark infringement occurs when a party uses a trademark, such as a logo, brand name, slogan, phrase, or symbol, without the owner's consent.

In this case, Better Smoke's logos for their weed and edible products are being compared to Better Made's potato chip logo, causing confusion among consumers.

This confusion can lead to negative consequences for both companies, including damage to their reputations, loss of customers, and potential legal action.

This legal battle is part of a bigger trend in the marijuana industry, where companies are seeking to protect their brands and trademarks.

As the industry grows and becomes more mainstream, businesses are recognizing the importance of strong branding and protecting their intellectual property.

In the case of Better Made, the company wants to prevent customers from confusing their potato chips with Better Smoke's marijuana products.

This confusion could lead to lost sales for Better Made and potentially harm their brand reputation.

"Our logo and brand identity have been a core part of our business for decades, We take great pride in our brand, and we won't stand by and let another company piggyback on our success." - CEO of Better Made Potato Chips.

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