While many were enjoying the 4th of July holiday weekend the Detroit Coast Guard was called into action to perform a brave rescue on Lake Erie.

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Five people were saved after their boat capsized, leaving them clinging to a cooler for safety.

The incident happened about ten miles off the coast of Ashtabula, Ohio.

The boaters were enjoying a day on the lake when a big wave hit their 22-foot boat, causing it to flip over and sink.

Suddenly, they found themselves in the water, holding onto a cooler to stay afloat.

One of the boaters managed to call 911 for help.

The Coast Guard quickly responded by sending a helicopter from Air Station Detroit.

The rescue team, led by Lt. Matt Devlin and LCDR Robert Pfaff, worked together to safely bring everyone on board the helicopter.

They had to make careful decisions, like burning off fuel to make the helicopter lighter, ensuring they could carry all the survivors.

The Coast Guard emphasized the importance of safety measures like wearing life jackets and having emergency equipment on board.

They say that these precautions were crucial in this rescue, helping the boaters stay safe until help arrived.

This rescue was just one of several missions the Coast Guard handled that day.

They also responded to another emergency involving a capsized boat near North Perry, Ohio.

Unfortunately, not all rescues had happy endings, as some individuals were found unresponsive by the time the coast guard arrived.

Watch: Detroit Coast Guard Rescues Boaters On Lake Erie

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