There is nothing more special than a snow day.

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Here in Michigan, we don't get them nearly as often as other states do, because we're well prepared. MDOT always works overtime to keep our roads clean and safe, but every once in awhile mother nature has other plans.

And with this weeks potentially dangerous winter storm, many schools across Michigan went ahead and proactively cancelled classes for the safety of students. But as you know, there's that anxious wait from students

Winter Storm Dumps More Snow On New York City
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What started as fun, ended up an iconic moment when the student section at Hamilton High School started to beg Superintendent Dr. Bradford Lusk, who had just arrived at their game, to grant them a snow day grace.

As the game progressed, the student section kept being persistent according to witnesses, and as the buzzer went off to signal a victory for the Hamilton High School Hawkeyes, it also was also the start of another win: Dr. Lusk announced that there would be no school the next day.

That's when Hamilton High Sophomore Aiden Lynch, who was calling the game for the school's broadcast, made the announcement heard throughout West Michigan:


Hamilton Community Schools on Facebook
Hamilton Community Schools on Facebook

That's when the students poured out of their seats, into the floor, to cheer on not only their 57 to 45 victory over West Catholic, but the fact they're all sleeping in tomorrow.

Aiden goes on to scream like this snow day is the world cup, until he wraps it up with "Lusk takes it home, along with the hawkeyes!", Then Aiden signs off saying he can't wait to go home and enjoy his snow day. Reminding you that he's just a high school sophomore, and not the latest Fox Sports hire.

Enjoy the full video:

I was lucky enough to speak with Aiden this morning on the phone, and I've already assured him that he's ready for a sports broadcasting career when he graduates. And I think he's getting the hint after all of the attention he's receiving...

They've already made a highlight reel less than 24 hours out, joking about Aiden's newfound fame.

We also had a chance to talk to him on the show, in case you missed it:

Good luck Aiden, we can't wait to see all of you on ESPN one day!

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