If there's one food that is truly iconic in Michigan it's the Upper Peninsula's beloved pasty. The turnover pastry filled with meat, potato and rutabaga and served with ketchup or gravy (you argue it out) is a staple.

Every town and seemingly every major intersection in the UP has a pasty shop. But what about the food truck craze? Are pasties not deserving of the food truck treatment?

Turns out there is a beloved pasty-serving truck, but it's not in Michigan, it's in Central Missouri near Springfield.

Called London Calling (yeah, yeah, pasties are Cornish) the truck pops up around Missouri and the lines start to form.

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It seems obvious that a pasty is the perfect mobile food for a truck. They're premade, do not have a variety of ingredients. Just make it advance, heat up in the truck and sell, sell, sell.

The concept of a pasty food truck was shared on the Yoopers Facebook group recently with the OP commenting

I just think this is hilarious, having a traditional pasty out of a food truck in Missouri.
It tastes like the ones in the U.P.

That's an endorsement if someone hundreds of miles from Michigan can nail the UP style.

Contestants Take Part In The World Cornish Pasty Championships
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There's maybe an explanation to how a pasty shop ended up in Missouri and it happens to be the same mining culture that settled the UP. Commenters stated

Missouri had iron mines all over the place. It would be no surprise if some Cornish folks had landed there.

I wonder if this is in a part of MO where there was mining in the past.

It also turns out that Yoopers know of some other pasty expats who have taken the UP treat around the country.

I discovered a pasty food truck in Astoria, Oregon! Not quite the same but a decent substitute when you need to sink your teeth into a pasty!

We had one here in Arizona. The owner was from Ontonagon

Michiganders should always keep their eyes open when travelling, you never know when you'll spot a taste from home.

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