Many enjoy an escape into nature. The tranquility of the woods offers to many a connection to the earth that they miss in urban life. But the woods have a darkness to them as well. Areas like heavily wooded and rural northern Michigan have these areas in abundance.

Then the topic came up on Reddit asking about weird/creepy unexplainable things, would it surprise you if one such experience came from Michigan's Upper Peninsula? User XIGRIMxREAPERIX shared a missing time experience a friend had.

Buddy of mine got lost while going hiking in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Eventually showed back up. Said he got lost but found his way back by hearing our voices in the distance. He thought the whole ordeal was like 15min-1hr. He was shocked to learn he was gone for two weeks and we were about to give up the search.

Imagine thinking you were only gone for an hour or less and learning upon your return that a fortnight had passed.

Michigan Woods
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Many asked about the appearance of the man upon his return. Was he disheveled? Emaciated or appeared well-fed?

Others shared similar, if not quite as dramatic lost time experiences.

I live in the UP and I can attest to similar things happening while I've hiked in the woods up here.

I once went for a bike ride, thought I was gone for 45 minutes, maybe an hour. Get back home. I was gone for 3 hours. The woods up here are terrifying because of these sorts of things. God's country has many mysteries...


The UP is a crazy magical place. I went there for the first time last month, we spent two weeks doing the loop and deep woods camping. When you walk on the floor barefoot you can feel the energy. It felt like memories of the thousands of animals and people over the years are still there.


We've had some... interesting phenomena over the years up there, particularly in the iron/copper range areas (marquette county up to copper harbor) and north of Iron Mountain.

Michigan Woods
Photo by Bruno Guerrero on Unsplash

Do you believe the stories? Some apply a paranormal explanation for missing time episodes. There is a real mental condition known as a fugue state that accounts for temporary amnesia.

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