How well do you know Michigan? I'm still getting my bearings around here. I know what I can get used to (the weather) and what I can't (saying pop). Still, learning some basics has eluded me a bit.

For instance, I've lived here about nine months now, and I think I learned what the state flag really looked like maybe a month ago.

Of course, you don't have to pass a test to move across the country and live in a brand-new state. But, I will say, constructing such a quiz does wonders for learning those things. The state bird, tree, song - you know, those things that the lawmakers decided on one day and we just kinda accepted it.

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Think you know the state animal? It's probably an easy answer. But how about the state reptile? The state children's book?

Yeah, these are all real Michigan symbols on the books. After you take the quiz below, you can see for yourself at the state website and learn when and how they came to be.

A Quiz Geared to Test Your Michigan Knowledge

Think you know the basics of the Mitten State? See if you can correctly answer these questions about the state symbols of Michigan.

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