I'm hiding a disgraceful secret but I must get it off my chest: I've never mowed a lawn in my entire life.

How have I managed to make it to age 34 without ever touching a mower? Well, no one ever asked me to. At this point, now I'm just trying to see how long I can get away with it and I'm hoping to keep the streak alive as long as I can!

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Wouldn't you do the same?

If they're participating in the month long pollinator-friendly "No Mow May" event, your neighbors lawn may look a little shabby and overgrown at the moment, but pretty soon it will come time to tidy up. If that sounds a bit tedious to you then you're in lucky!

Goats On The Go via YouTube
Goats On The Go via YouTube

Goats on the Go

This is something I've heard about in other states across the country, but I wasn't aware there were farms that participate here in West Michigan. Tell me, have you ever considered hiring a herd of goats to shape up your lawn?

WWMT reports the Cass County Parks and Recreation department have done just that!

Scott Wyman, Cass County Park Director, tells News Channel 3 that starting this Wednesday the department will being using a "targeted grazing program" at Dr. T.K. Lawless Park near Vandalia, MI.

Wyman told WWMT over a period of 5 days the goats will eat,

...problematic vegetation with little damage to desirable plants

Using goats in place of machines will minimize pollutants, help park employees maintain tough to reach terrain, and above all else-- keep the goats happy!

Can You Hire Goats Yourself?

The program Cass County officials are using for this project is a national company called "Goats On The Go". Essentially, it's like the Uber/Lyft of grazing goat herds!

In Southwest Michigan the local farms involved in Goats On The Go include Willowbrook Farms in Cassopolis and Fluffy Butt Farms in Battle Creek. There is also a companion "Sheep On The Go" for mixed vegetation sites.

Wyman adds his department hopes to put out signs so spectators can enjoy the show but remember: please do not try to touch or feed the goats yourself!

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