The future is now-- and it's delicious!

Consumers have been promised drone delivery for years but it seems like the service can never quite seem to get off the ground (pun intended) but I think it's finally about to become reality in Detroit.

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The largest franchise operator in the world has teamed up with the largest autonomous delivery system in the world and this is good news for couch potatoes like myself!

Detroit style pizza
Detroit style pizza - Canva

According to food technology website Food On Demand The Flynn Group and drone company Zipline will start offering special delivery options to its customers in select markets, including Seattle and Detroit.

In Seattle customers can order Panera Bread delivery via drone, while in Detroit customers can get their famous Detroit-style pizza fix from Jet's Pizza, which was originally founded in the greater Detroit area in 1978.


So, How Does It Work?

Per Food On Demand customers will place their food order through the Zipline app to get order delivered directly to their back yard. Adds the food tech site,

in Detroit, Jet’s Pizza, with more than 400 locations across 22 states, will begin using Zipline to deliver orders. Each Zipline P2 drone is capable of delivering two large Detroit-style pizzas along with sides.

In both markets, Seattle and Detroit, drone delivery service is expected to be available by early 2025.

Other Drone Delivery Options

We have yet to see drone delivery available on a large commercial scale. Amazon offered drone delivery in only two of its markets, College Station, TX and Lockeford, CA. However, Amazon just announced yesterday service will stop in California and instead be offered in Arizona later this year.

In Michigan, there was talk of pharmacies using drone delivery for prescription delivery and in the past drones have been used to clean up the Lake Michigan lakeshore.

Would you like to see more drone delivery available across Michigan?

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