It's been a tough year for business-- big or small!

We've seen countless mom and pop shops and locally owned restaurants close throughout the state due to ongoing fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic. Here in West Michigan we were just hit with 2 brewery closing announcements back to back.

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Things are just different now. But here's how you know it's bad: when even big box retailers are having to shutter their doors for good.

In 2023 we saw the closing of Bed Bath & Beyond stores across the nation and now the fate of another beloved homegoods store is in jeopardy-- T.J. Maxx and Marshalls!

Now, I treat them as one because they essentially are; both T.J. Maxx and Marshalls are owned by Fortune 500 company TJX Companies, who own the two brands in addition to HomeGoods, HomeSense, and Sierra.

Are Michigan Stores Closing?

In what seems like a bad omen TJX Companies recently notified the New York Department of Labor of plans to close several stores in the state. Sources claim these closings are part of a "new business strategy".

However, just because they're closing stores in New York that doesn't necessarily mean we here in The Mitten will be affected-- does it?

TJ Maxx Portage, MI
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Well, considering the fact the highly anticipated Marshalls in Three Rivers, MI just opened its doors last week I can't imagine they'd already be considering shutting it all down. In fact, just earlier this year TJX Companies shared hopes of opening 1,400 new stores in 2023.

Did they all come to fruition? That, I'm unclear on; but if they're still opening stores in West Michigan I'd say everything is status quo here in The Mitten. You're safe to shop for all the cute throw pillows, scented candles, and Rae Dunn collectibles your heart desires!

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