There are so many good pizzas in Southwest Michigan. It’s hard to pick what my favorite is sometimes. Of course, some of my favorite is BC Pizza off of West Main in Kalamazoo, and Curley's located in Colon, Michigan. but honestly, the list could go on and on. But it’s been very rare that I’ve ever been faced with a challenge of taking down a pizza that has too many toppings on it.

But there is a pizza place in Michigan that looks like it poses a serious threat to digestive systems everywhere and seems like a true challenge to eat. Strangely enough, it doesn’t come from a traditional pizza restaurant, but from Clone's Country Store in Onondaga.

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Someone recently made a post in a Facebook group showing a pizza that had 17 toppings on it. Although it was a fork pizza and quite messy, they said it was also filling and delicious.

Others, however, aren't so impressed by this extreme pizza photo:

It might taste good but presentation is extremely important therefore, measuring out your toppings and cheese to proper proportions is necessary when making a pizza. I would feel ashamed serving this.

Regardless of what you think of the pizza, much like pizza places in Kalamazoo, many claim the owners of the shop are great people:

The best Pizza, and the owners are amazing people, who do a lot for the community and people in the community.

Would you take on the challenge of trying to take this pizza down in one sitting? I don't think it would be wise to move for a while if you did, and the next few hours after, you may push the boundaries of what you know it is to be physically pushed to your limits.

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