Having fake currency circulating through a town is a rough thing because not only does the money, not hold any value, but most of the time the victims of these scams are small or locally owned businesses which is a pretty terrible thing to do.

Tricking someone into thinking you’re paying with real money is not only a felony but a pretty rotten thing to do. This issue has once again reared its ugly head in one Michigan town, with the well-known motion picture $20 bill making its rounds again.

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Already multiple people and business owners from Three Rivers have been dealing with this issue as somebody pointed out in the Three Rivers Facebook group.

Just a heads up for all business owners who accept cash. Double check all your bills. I didn’t even notice this until I tried to spend it!

It wasn't just Beauty by Kathie Salon who discovered she was scammed, as other people commented that they've too seen the fake bills all over the place:

Hmmm...I wonder if you and Peaceful Rivers might have a mutual client. They posted the same thing last week.

It's true too, but the massage and spa center used the unfortunate situation of being paid with a fake bill to turn it into something positive:

We received a fake $20 bill this week and didn’t catch it until later. So we are gifting a real $20 bill to this lucky winner to receive $20 off 1 service of their choosing at our spa

If you find anyone using these bills in mass, please contact authorities.

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