Eminem’s film “8 Mile” won numerous awards; among them were statuettes from the Academy Awards, BMI, The Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards, MTV Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, ASCAP, and the Grammys: for a total of eleven awards. It also became the all-time favorite movie for many Americans.

The film is basically an autobiography about Eminem’s (Marshall Mathers) earlier years and his struggle to become a respected rap artist. The film also stars the late Brittany Murphy, and a co-starring role that surprised a few movie-going people: Kim Basinger.

The real 8 Mile Road (ironically) begins west at the junction of Marshall Road and runs east approximately fifty miles until it ends at Vernier Road. Eminem spent his childhood in a small house on Dresden Street, between 8 Mile and Seven Mile; to be more specific, and to narrow it down, his neighborhood block was between Fairmount Drive and East State Fair Avenue. Between 2011 and 2013, all the homes (except one) on his side of the street were torn down. Yep, his old house was torn down even after Eminem was a huge worldwide star...it should have been preserved, somehow.

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The gallery below shows many of the shooting locations for 8 Mile, including The Shelter, the separate site where the rap battles took place, Cheddar Bob’s house location, trailer park, bus stop, the site where they burned down a house, the Michigan Theatre in downtown Detroit, the factory where B. Rabbit worked, the ‘radio station’, and the alley seen at the end of the film.

Take a look at the gallery below!  Once you're finished checking out the film location photos, come back and check out images of Eminem's childhood home before it was destroyed, by going here...

Shooting Locations for Eminem's "8 Mile" Film


1st Jesse James Film Shot In Michigan, 1908

Bob Seger's Mansion

The Graves of Three Michigan Rock Musicians