We've seen various photos and videos of some of Detroit's abandoned neighborhoods. Have you ever wondered what the insides of some of these places look like? Well, you're about to see.

The photo gallery below shows the insides of three abandoned homes and one deserted church in a Detroit neighborhood.

House #1 is curious. It looks as though it was ravaged by a fire; yet there's furniture inside that has not been touched by flames. The rooms are all charred black with furniture still intact. The stairs are covered in plaster and ash. The walls and wallpaper have been burnt, yet the chairs, sofas, and beds all seem to be in good shape.

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House #2 is smaller and much cleaner – cleaner in the sense that there are no burnt walls. The place is still littered with wood fragments and junk. The bathroom bathtub looks like a sledgehammer was taken to it. It also appears that squatters or some homeless have been staying there.

House #3 seems to be actually two houses: the main house and possibly an attached guest house in back. The guest house has the usual debris and peeling paint – and an easy chair that looks as if it was positioned in front of a corner TV set. The main house is no better: debris, junk, clutter...and a toilet stuffed with rubbish. The basement has piles of.....who knows what that stuff is???

The fourth structure is not a house at all, but a deserted church. The side and front have been ripped apart, but the sanctuary is amazingly in good shape – until you get to the pulpit. Then you go upstairs and it's not as good as downstairs. Although not as bad as the three previous houses, the church's upstairs has a few rooms including a kitchen and possibly an office. All in bad shape.

Now finally get a look INside some of the deserted Detroit houses...

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