What's the longest river in Michigan? Could it be somewhere in the Upper Peninsula or the northern half of the mitten, or even down by the southern border? Would it be the: Au Sable River? Detroit River? Grand River? Huron River? Kalamazoo River?

It is one of those...the one the Ottawa tribe called owashtanong, meaning "far-flowing water"......that would be the Grand River.

The Grand spans 252 miles, from Hillsdale County's natural springs to the rivers mouth, northwest in Grand Haven. The river flows through many of Michigan's top cities and small towns, such as Eaton Rapids, Grand Haven, Grand Ledge, Grand Rapids, Ionia, Jackson, Lansing, Lowell, and Portland.

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This was the river that Grand Rapids named itself after, thanks to the rapids that were up to 15 feet tall. The rapids have been gone for over 100 years, thanks to the dams that flooded them out.

Well into the 2000s, the Grand River has become known for it's great fishing. As for swimming, be aware there ARE snapping turtles, here and there all through the river. Magnet fishers have been hauling out a good number of relics and antiques, found at the bottom of the river in various cities. Old street signs, shop signs, bottles, guns, tools, and more collectable items are fished out of the river almost daily.

Michigan's Longest River: The Grand River. 252 miles long, followed by the Muskegon River at #2 with a length of 216 miles.

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