Here we go with ten more former Michigan Drive-In theater locations: this time, we visit the old ones in Cascade, Cheboygan, Coldwater, Commerce, Dearborn, Ionia, Manistee, Manistique, Monroe, and Okemos.

Before we get to the photos, here's some very brief info on just a few of the ones here...

The Dearborn Drive-In could fit 1040 cars. There was also a little train that gave rides to the kids. During its early years, the drive-in also boasted a mini-train ride for children. It was demolished in 1987 in order to erect a shopping mall.

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Local officials banned Ionia's Danny Boy's Drive-In from building a regulation screen, so they used an inflatable one.

The Cascade Drive-In had a fill of  2,500 cars. It opened as a twin and added a third screen in 1977. After closing, it was all torn down.

Upon its grand opening, the Chippewa Drive-In could only fit 275 cars. In the 70s, there was room for 700.

When the Cinema 2 Drive-In opened, it was called the US-2 Drive in, with the name changed in 1972. In the Summer of 2022 it re-opened under a new name: the Highway 2 Community Drive-In.

The Crest Drive-In could hold 800 cars. It was sold in the early 70s and became well-known for showing X-rated movies. Ironically, after it was torn down, a church was built on the site. which cities were some of the above-mentioned drive-ins found? Find out in the gallery below, along with some vintage movie theater blurbs...

Ten More Former Michigan Drive-In: #21-30

Call them what you will: drive-ins, passion pits, flea pits, grind houses, lovers locale.....all nicknames and slang terms seemed to fit...and no one was offended. Even parents.


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