WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

A few years ago some adventurous person 'wandered' into this abandoned Kmart near Mount Morris. The photos were interesting to be sure...but now, four years after those images were captured, someone else went in and took some updated footage.

The Kmart has definitely deteriorated much further within that time frame. Collapsed roofs, debris-covered doorways, skeletal display units, slimy floors, plenty of darkness, green moss growing on the floor, trees popping through, the usual vandalism, rusted out equipment and fixtures, and peeling paint.

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Looking around, there is a place where it looks like a squatter or homeless person has set him/herself up with a mattress and junk.

The site where this deserted Kmart sits used to be the site of the old North Flint Drive-In Theatre. The theater opened on May 27, 1948 with the 1947 film The Unfinished Dance starring Margaret O'Brien and a newcomer named Danny Thomas. After nineteen years, the theater owners decided to call it quits – that made no sense, since drive-ins were extremely popular at the time. So it closed down in 1966 and the Kmart was built on site not long afterward.

In the late 1990s, Kmart decided to re-invent itself and went thru a “restructuring” stage. The outcome was the closing of this particular facility. Way to restructure, guys...who was the Einstein consultant who came up with that brilliant plan?

The location still stands and is listed as 6101 N. Saginaw Street.

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