50 Cent is not letting up on Diddy. The king of trolling poked fun at Diddy again by merging Diddy and R. Kelly's faces together in an odd photo.

50 Cent Merges Diddy and R. Kelly's Faces in Odd Photo

On Sunday (Dec. 3), 50 Cent jumped on his Instagram page and started trolling Diddy again. This time around, the New York toughie shared an image of Diddy and R. Kelly's faces merged together in a bizarre photo. Additionally, Kels' 1998 song "Did You Ever Think" is accompanying the pic.

"Diddy do it?" 50 questioned in the caption the photo, which can be viewed below. "COMING SOON GLG [traffic light emoji] GreenLightGang [film camera emoji] and another one!"

Later, 50 made another post containing a screenshot of a New York Times article questioning whether Diddy's empire is going to crumble following the allegations of sexual abuse.

[Looking eyes emoji] No he will be fine," the G-Unit leader wrote in the post, which is below. "[flushed face emoji] He has so much money [money bag emoji], when his corporate partners pull out. he will just reach in his pockets and make it happen. You saw how fast he paid Cassie. He's a real Billionaire [flushed face emoji] he has f**k you money guys, So f**k you!"

"Diddy Do It? COMING SOON!" Fif concluded.

Clearly, 50 Cent is not done taking shots at Diddy just yet.

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50 Cent Is Making a Diddy Documentary

50 Cent's latest trolling antics come after he announced on Saturday (Dec. 1) that his company, G-Unit Films and Television, is developing a documentary about Diddy and the blockbuster allegations of sexual abuse levied by his ex-girlfriend Cassie and others.

Diddy is the subject of three lawsuits filed by three separate alleged victims who have accused him or an associate connected to the rap mogul of sexual misconduct.

"RAPPER [eyes emoji] I thought Diddy was a Billionaire music mogul, If he's smart he will file bankruptcy now," 50 wrote on his IG post. "Anyone with real money knows why I’m saying this. Im the best producer for the job guys. [surprise face emoji] Here come the receipts."

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Check out 50 Cent's IG post where he merged Diddy and R. Kelly's faces in an odd photo below.

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