Doja Cat recently revealed she went through with getting surgery done on her breasts and also got some liposuction done as well

On Monday (March 20), Doja Cat updated fans on her decision to undergo some body modification, which she teased a few months ago.

"Got my t***ies done and my clit bedazzled," the Grammy-winning rapper posted on Twitter.

"Feels ok," she added in a follow-up tweet. "I got lipo so my thighs hurt a lot if i move too much. but im healing really fast."

When a fan asked her how she was feeling as she heals up from the body alterations, the "Woman" rapper responded, "4 days into recovery rn."

Doja Cat first revealed plans to get surgery done on her breasts last November.

"I'm literally about to get surgery this winter," she tweeted.

"I just want my t***ies pulled up cuz some of my tops don't fit the way I want them to," she gave as her reasoning.

When a fan commented that they would no longer support Doja if she got surgery, Doja Cat simply replied, "And I don't give a f**k."

Doja Cat has unapologetically moved to the beat of her own drum. Last summer, she raised eyebrows after she shaved off her own eyebrows and her hair. Though the Planet Her rapper loves the look, she has had to defend her choice on multiple occasions. Last December, she bucked back at assertions her look was part of a humiliation ritual.

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