Someone created a fake Donald Trump rap song titled "First Day Out" in the wake of the former president being arrested and released on bail in Georgia.

"First Day Out"

On Aug. 25, a new rap song called "First Day Out" began circulating on social media that purports to be Donald Trump rapping about his current legal situation.

"I don't bail, I don't bail, I won't see inside a cell/Shout out Thugger, free my slime/Slatt, slatt, YSL," faux Donald Trump raps over a trap beat. "They tried to lock me up but I'm plugged in in ATL/Got homies doing life in jail, they livin' in hell/These D.A.'s acting silly/My mugshot with worth a billi/Sold some merch and made a milli, shout Meek Milly out in Philly," he continues on the song, which can be listened to below.

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Last week, Donald Trump was hit with 13 charges including violating Georgia's RICO Act, solicitation of violation of oath by public officer, conspiracy to impersonate a public officer, conspiracy to commit forgery in the first degree, false statements and writings and filing false documents, and more, in connection with his attempt illegally claim the 2020 election. One of the former POTUS' codefendants is Kanye West's one-time publicist Trevian C. Kutti who was charged with violating the Georgia RICO Act, conspiracy to commit solicitation of false statements and writings and influencing witnesses.

One rapper is taking advantage of Trump's misfortune. YG is currently selling Donald Trump mugshot T-shirts.

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Peep the Donald Trump parody track "First Day Out" below.

Listen to the Fake Donald Trump Rap Song "First Day Out"

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