Gunplay is going off on people who started asking for refunds for money they donated to his daughter's GoFundMe page after seeing Don Logan recently gift Rick Ross a diamond chain.

Gunplay Goes Off About Refund Requests

On Monday (June 12), the We in Miami Podcast debuted its latest episode featuring Gunplay. During the sit-down, the former Maybach Music Group rapper had some choice words for people wanting their money back.

"To every single one of you p**y-a** h*es and f**k n***as that went to GoFundMe and donated and went get a muthaf***in refund, you never gave it with your heart. You a piece of s**t. You'll die that way," Gunplay said directly to the camera.

"People that see me give my brother a gift, they automatically want to say I bought that with GoFundMe money," he continued. "N***a had to pay that back. So, now, if you really want to be for real, if a n***a spent that on a chain, how the f**k they got it right back instantly, with no pressure? You want your s**t back? Here, take it. So all you f**k n***as and p***y-a** h*es out there, f**k you. You never gave it from your heart. You gon' die a piece of s**t."

Gunplay captioned the post with more vitriol: "For all you pu**y a*s b******s and n***as dat donated to my daughters gofundme and gotta refund u never gave it from the heart F**K ALL YOU PIECES OF S**T!!!"

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Gunplay and His Wife's GoFundMe Account

Gunplay and his wife Vonshae Taylor-Morales recently started a GoFundMe account to raise funds for their daughter's hospital bills. The child suffers from a heart defect. Last month, DJ Envy brought up the GoFundMe during his back-and-forth roasting session with Rick Ross, questioning why Rozay would allow his right-hand man to be asking for public assistance. Gunplay then threatened to slap Envy for the comments.

Gunplay and Envy later talked on the phone about the incident, with Gunplay leaking the phone conversation on social media. Gunplay's wife has since said she plans to sue DJ Envy for allegedly slandering her baby's GoFundMe page.

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Gunplay Receives Backlash for GoFundMe

On June 5, Gunplay shared video of himself gifting Rick Ross a diamond-flooded piece and chain as a "token of appreciation." Many fans then apparently wondered why Gunplay needed help with hospital bills if the rapper has enough money to randomly gift jewelry to his friends. This led to many people requesting their GoFundMe money back.

Watch Gunplay Snap on Fans for Requesting a Refund From His Daughter's GoFundMe and See Video of Him Gifting Rick Ross a New Chain Below

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