President Joe Biden seriously messed up LL Cool J's name during his Congressional Black Caucus Phoenix Awards speech yesterday.

President Joe Biden Messes Up LL Cool J's Name

On Saturday (Sept. 23), President Joe Biden accidentally mispronounced LL Cool J's name during his speech at the Congressional Black Phoenix Awards in Washington, D.C. LL Cool J and MC Lyte received Phoenix Awards for their musical contributions at the annual ceremony.

In the video below, Joe Biden stated that LL Cool J and MC Lyte were "two great artists of our time who represent the groundbreaking legacy of hip-hop in America." Then, at the 2:24-mark of the video below, Joe Biden slipped up on the 55-year-old rapper's name.

"LL J Cool J," Joe Biden stated before realizing his mistake.

Shortly after, Joe Biden gave the Queens, N.Y. rapper a compliment about his physique. However, Joe Biden tripped up on his words again after he called LL Cool J a boy.

"By the way, that boy's got," Joe Biden said before rephrasing his sentence. "That man's got biceps bigger than my thighs."

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People React to President Joe Biden Calling LL Cool J a "Boy"

After the video made its rounds online, people weren't too pleased with the president's choice of words. Some individuals on X, formerly known as Twitter, immediately pointed out that "boy" is seen as a derogatory term when it's used to refer to an African-American male. Some of the reactions can be seen below.

One user on X opined in a tweet, "Joe Biden is at it again. Speaking at the Phoenix Awards. He sowed more division blaming Trump and MAGA for high inflation and white supremacy. Addressing the mostly Black audience he referred to LL Cool J as 'boy' saying his biceps are bigger than my thighs. Divider In Chief."

Another person typed: "Jim Crow Joe #Biden called LL Cool J boy then tried to correct himself mid-Klansman but it was too late. If you’re making a big deal about this remember President Biden’s words to Black voters— #Youaintblack."

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See Joe Biden mispronounce LL Cool J's name and reactions below.

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