Ye, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar and many more rappers have reportedly had dozens of their songs leak online.

Hundreds of Songs Leak Online From Famous Rappers

On Tuesday (May 28), HipHop-n-more reported that dozens of artists had experienced an unprecedented leak of music online, which XXL is unable to share due to copyright but lives on Reddit.  Ye, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky and Gunna were among the victims, with tons of their allegedly unreleased songs being made accessible through a "group buy"—which refers to people pitching in cash to hit a predetermined sum in order to receive the audio rips.

The massive leak also includes songs that have stems attached, according to the outlet, which means the audio can be flipped and toyed with by a producer.

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Ye and Travis Scott's "Can U Be" on Sale for $30,0000

The biggest leak appears to be Ye and Travis Scott's unreleased collab "Can U Be," which is currently on sale for $30,000 from a Reddit user named Vega. The hack also allegedly includes over 130 songs from Gunna, but some fans are sounding off on X, formerly known as Twitter, claiming the tracks are old.

Additionally, alternate versions of songs from A$AP Rocky's Testing album seem to be available as well. There are also over 40 rumored collaborations between Kendrick Lamar and Ye available as part of the group buy as well.

Regardless of whether the leaks are real or not, fans do seem to be chipping in financially. Over $25,000 was raised for the "Can U Be" leak alone. However, it remains unclear whether the songs are real or entirely fabricated by A.I. Considering rap fans struggle to tell the difference between the two, this could all end up being a well-fabricated scam. However, if it is a monumental leak of music, this could have some serious ripple effects for the artists involved.

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Check out some of the tweets related to the hundreds of leaked songs below.

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