Key Glock and Rod Wave are convinced social media has ruined their generation.

Key Glock Says Social Media Ruined a Generation and Rod Wave Agrees

On Tuesday (June 18), Key Glock randomly shared his negative thoughts about social media, ironically, on X, formerly known as Twitter.

"Social media destroyed our generation," the Memphis rapper posted.

Rod Wave was in agreement with Key Glock's sentiment. The Florida rap-crooner replied to the post, "Seen it wit own eyes. Crash it burn it."

The two artists did not expound on the reasons they believe social media has contributed to this generation's downfall. Key Glock recently made headlines for a social media moment after recording himself being arrested on Instagram Live in March.

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Navigating Social Media

The effects of social media on its users' mental health have been explored for years. The psychological ramifications of constant use are not positive. Psychotherapist Meghan Watson, who founded the diverse group practice Bloom Psychology & Wellness, recently told XXL, "I definitely feel like there can be a lot of negative impacts from participating in comment sections that are rife with controversy. There’s a lot of reactivity that people kind of absorb."

Within hip-hop, several rappers have deleted their social media accounts over the years as a means to get rid of distractions or avoid salty commentary, ultimately saving their sanity.

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Check out Key Glock and Rod Wave sharing their thoughts on the effects of social media below.

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