Money Man is really about that gun life.

On Friday (March 31), Money Man hopped on his Instagram page and posted a video of himself holding his custom guns and ammo that will be on sale this summer. In the clip, the Atlanta rapper is showing off his red and black mini AR-15-styled rifles with matching red magazine clips. He then points to a section of the weapon where a gun owner can attach an extra mag clip to the side.

In the caption, Money Man wrote, "Mini Twin 'Red Eye' Blackout’s available this summer. Custom drums and mags coming soon."

In a previous video, Money Man, who is a legal gun owner, showed off two handguns in a similar red and black two-tone color.

But, on a cautionary note, the 37-year-old rapper needs to be careful with posting firearms on his social media channels. Even though he is a legal gun owner, it could invite too much drama and potential risk.

Nevertheless, the "Red Eye" firearms he's selling are based off his just-released album called Red Eye. The cover artwork features a red eye looking through the sight of a gun.

In a video interview with Montreality, Money Man said that he doesn't need security because he runs 10 miles a day and hits the gun range to shoot his gun for four to five hours.

"Routine makes you, um, it makes it kind of makes perfection so if you train them for something you do it every day you're gonna become elite at it," he said. "So my routine every day is wake up run 10 miles then I go shoot for four or five hours."

"I don't like having security like grown men having to secure me," he added. "So I'm gonna make sure I'm on point at all times I work on my senses all kind s**t like that."

Money Man really loves his guns.

Watch Money Man show off his line of "Red Eye" Blackout Guns and Ammo Below

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