A new slang term "No Diddy" went viral on social media and it's now replacing "No Homo."

"No Diddy" Goes Viral

On Friday (March 22), a new slang term "No Diddy" started going viral on social media. According to fans, the jargon is now replacing the term "No homo," a phrase made popular in the 1990s by rappers Cam'ron as a way to dispel any insinuations of homosexuality or gender nonconformity in a conversation or lyrics.

Apparently, fans caught on to the "No Diddy" slang while watching DJ Akademiks' interview with Philadelphia rapper Quilly on the Off the Record podcast. On the March 19 episode, which can be viewed below, Quilly says "No Diddy" several times throughout the interview.

Last Wednesday (March 20), producer BNYX used the slang term in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter. The hitmaker wrote: "I put all my guys in positions. no diddy."

The term "No Diddy" may be in reference to Diddy's multiple lawsuits related to sexual misconduct. The most recent lawsuit, filed by producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones, accuses the Bad Boy Entertainment founder of sexual assault, harassment and unpaid work. Jones also claimed in his suit that he was groped and touched by Diddy on multiple occasions, and alleged that Diddy made him go pick up sex workers to bring back to the rap mogul's home.

Diddy has vehemently denied the allegations in Rodney Jones' lawsuit.

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50 Cent Gets Kick Out of Term "No Diddy"

50 Cent, who seems to joyously troll Diddy whenever he can, hopped on his Instagram page on Saturday (March 23) and cosigned the term "No Diddy." Fif's post can be viewed below.

Sharing an image of tweets from BNYX and another person who posted that "No Diddy" is replacing "No homo," 50 Cent wrote in the caption, "Oh, I f**k wit son that's my man No Diddy. I'll Boom you right Now! F**k outta here! LOL."

50 Cent is planning to develop a documentary about Diddy amid the hip-hop mogul's sexual abuse allegations.

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Watch DJ Akademiks interview with Philly rapper Quilly below. Also, see 50 Cent cosign the new slang term below.

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