Ever since Instagram debuted its livestream feature back in 2016, rappers have been using the service for just about anything. Cardi B used it as a means to help usher in young voters in the lead-up to the 2020 election, while 6ix9ine used it to relentlessly troll his critics after cooperating with the feds.

Soulja Boy is one rapper who's used the feature quite often over the years. He's beefed with multiple rappers on the platform, traded jabs with them in real-time and was once even caught in a physical fight while streaming with his fans. Then, there was the time Draco was speaking with a fan, who claimed out of nowhere they had an intense sexual experience backstage at one of the rapper's shows.

Drake has even dabbled in Instagram Live himself and once got caught face-to-face with his nemesis Joe Budden. Luckily, the pair decided to play it cool and traded some jabs in a joking fashion, but the tension was still palpable.

Instagram Live has helped dozens of rappers connect with their supporters in a new, more direct way. However, it's also led to its share of drama and turmoil. XXL has compiled some of the wildest, most bizarre moments to ever go down on IG Live. From Chrisean Rock giving birth to Doja Cat shaving her eyebrows, check out some of the craziest happenings on the app below.

See the Wildest Moments on Instagram Live Involving Rappers

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