Detroit Rapper Trick Trick is stepping up to offer a $5,000 cash reward to help arrest the person who sexually assaulted an 80-year-old woman on Detroit's west side.

This Feels Personal

Trick Trick, whose real name Dr. Christian Anthony Mathis tells Detroit's WXYZ-TV that his 90-year-old grandmother is still alive, and that hearing about the attack on the 80-year-old woman feels personal.

"If I have to offer $10,000. I want his ass. My grandma [is] 90-years old," he said. "If somebody do this to my grandma. I live way on the east side of Detroit but when I saw this I said get up, suit up, it is time to go."

In the video below, the rapper says he's offering a $5,000 cash reward to anyone with information about the attack.

Elderly Woman Attacked Outside Her Home

Police tell Channel 7 that the attack occurred Sunday evening (3/26) when the attacker entered the woman's home through an unlocked door and demanded money.

The woman told the man she had no money and attempted to push him out the door. The attacker pulled the victim outside with him and sexually assaulted her outside the home.

Police say the woman was only able to provide vague details and no one else has come forward with information about the assailant.

 Trick Trick is Serious in His Quest to Help

The famous Detroit rapper tells the station he wants to find out who did this.

"You can direct message me at tricktrickgs2. Hit my DM and I'll pull up and come see you myself," he says. "This suspect must be dealt with accordingly, and fast."



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