Ja Rule is attempting to separate himself from the media firestorm caused by the recent Drinks Champs episode he was on with Irv Gotti.

On Thursday (Aug. 11), Ja shared a post on Instagram saying he does not condone Irv going on the podcast and speaking badly of his former labelmate Ashanti. The "Livin' It Up" rapper uploaded two photos of himself performing with the R&B singer and shared his thoughts in the caption.

"Brotherly love…" he started. "The last few days have been very turbulent for me but it’s time to land the plane… I love my sis I love my bro but I DO NOT condone or agree with the behavior nor the way Gotti handled things on drink champs I hope y’all understand how uncomfortable this is for me being in the middle of something I wish to not be… going forward all I ask is to be left out of this please and thank you!!! Sincerely Switzerland Bennett…"

Ja Rule was sitting next to Irv Gotti while the Murder Inc. cofounder spilled tea on his alleged extramarital affair with Ashanti from 20 years ago and called the singer out of her name numerous times while lamenting about their soured relationship on Drink Champs.

Ja caught heat from Fat Joe who called Ja out for not stepping in while Irv was wildlin.

"Irv Gotti a sucker, man. He a sucker," Fat Joe said in the video. "Y'all can @ Irv Gotti, Ja, whatever the fuck you want," he continued. "Whatever Irv has with Ashanti is 20 years old, right. I know he was making some points that mean a lot to him. But when you keep ranting about somebody 20 years later, it felt like he's not over the young lady, right."

"It's okay, if its in a documentary," Joe added. "You gotta see your truth in your documentary. But to go to Drink Champs and to keep calling her a bitch, keep disrespecting ... Um, guys, I'm not gonna be the guy to 'stand up for Ashanti, the brother that' ... Ja Rule was standing right next to him. And so I'm not gonna be that guy."

Ja Rule responded to being called out by Fat Joe on Instagram posting, "STOP saying I didn’t defend sis and all women when I clearly told Gotti stop calling Ashanti/women the B word same way I told Joe at Verzuz watch the interview before you talk shit… NOW LEAVE ME TF OUT THESE GROWN FOLKS BUSINESS… ❤️."

Irv Gotti, however, was not so forgiving. He said Fat Joe is no long his friend due to the Terror Squad rapper's critique of the situation.

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