Jacquees wants to let his fans know he's alright after videos of him being thrown around by police and arrested in Miami for not wearing his seatbelt surfaced online. In a statement recorded for TMZ, the 23-year-old hinted not so subtly that he was unhappy with what went down and that his legal team would be handling a response.

"I'm here to let all my fans and people who support me know that I am physically and mentally okay," he said, patting his chest. "The excessive force used during my arrest for not wearing my seatbelt was ridiculous, however, at this time I have been advised not to speak on the situation and to allow my legal representatives to look at the situation and just handle it however they feel is necessary."

"I love all my fans, and make sure you wear your seatbelt," he concluded, throwing up a peace sign.

In the videos that were circulated on Weds., March 21, the "B.E.D (Remix)" singer could be seen being forcibly arrested on Ocean Drive, a main stretch of South Beach, while a large crowd gathered around. Police said that they signalled for him to pull over when they noticed him not wearing his seatbelt while driving his black Lamborghini. Allegedly, Que continued driving for a bit before eventually slowing down and getting out of the car, and told police not to touch him. That's where things went left.

It's unclear what charges the Cash Money artist was arrested on, but police said in a statement that he  "disrupted the peace and quiet and public morals of bystanders on a busy spring break day," and had he pulled over when they first signalled it could have been avoided.

Glad to see Jacquees is doing alright. Check out his statement below.

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