Such a sad day at John Ball Zoo as they had to say goodbye to Jody, the chimpanzee.

The zoo posted on their Facebook page, Tuesday morning, that Jody, who was 31 years old, went into cardiac arrest after her health started failing Monday afternoon. Veterinarians at the zoo started CPR and used a defibrillator to try to bring Jody back, but after she was unable to start breathing on her own, they made the difficult decision to euthanize her.

"Jody was extremely special to those who knew her, cared for her, and interacted with her. She was greatly loved, and she will always be a part of the John Ball Zoo family."

According to the Facebook post, Jody had been at the John Ball Zoo since 2009, before that she was in South Bend, Indiana at the Potawatomi Zoo, where she was diagnosed with diabetes, but John Ball Zoo staff were very diligent in managing her condition while she was here in Grand Rapids.



This is so very sad, but as I'm writing this, all I can think of is, back to around this time last year when one of the chimpanzees at John Ball Zoo hit "grandma' in the nose with poop; the video ended up going viral and becoming Jimmy Kimmel's Viral Clip of 2017.

I know, kind of an odd way to wrap up a sad story, nevertheless, Jody, you will be missed.

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