New Edition is in the spotlight right now, and the group's members are taking advantage of the N.E. buzz swarming in the wake of BET's hit mini-series The New Edition StoryBell Biv Devoe released Three Strikes in January, and Johnny Gill is following the success of last year's "This One's For Me and You," (a de facto N.E. reunion song) and going "5,000 Miles" on a new single about love and the woman that means everything.

The single is from Gill's 2014 studio album Game Changer and features Jaheim. The pair take turns singing about a happiness that exists "5,000 miles past heaven," harmonizing while singing, "Girl your kisses, so addictive/And it's always on my mind/Can't resist it for a minute/Cause it gets me every time/When you wake up with no make-up/That's true beauty in my eyes/No matter how I try/I lose it when you smile."

Although the album dropped two years ago, Johnny is getting a chance to promote his most recent project all over again as he's currently hitting the stage alongside Charlie Wilson and Fantasia for "Charlie's In It To Win It Tour." Who said '90s R&B was dead?

Listen to Johnny and Jaheim's single below.

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