Juicy J connects with Blackbear for the new song "Juicy Sweatpants," off Bear's Digital Druglord album, which dropped last week (April 21). This is the second single off Blackbear's new LP.

The first single, "Do, Rey, Mi," revealed his past relationship struggles but for "Juicy Sweatpants," Blackbear candidly talks about his ex-girlfriends becoming best friends and forming a clique. Juicy J adds a fun verse to the song.

"I know you wanna run back to me but it's too late/Ain't no room left for you in the rafe/You had to go left so I guess you're replaced/Nah I met your bestfriend guess she got good taste/She wants to find out what Juicy J tastes like/Eyes red like the Rolls Royce break lights/I got my shades on even in the late night," Juicy raps.

Blackbear, an artist who mixes genres from R&B to hip-hop and pop, is kicking off a nationwide tour starting on May 8. Juicy J has been featured on a number of new records this month. He's linked with D.R.A.M. and A$AP Rocky for a track titled “Gilligan,” which was produced by D.R.A.M. and Juicy himself. He connected with 24hrs for “24hr Strip Club” and and fellow Taylor Gang member Tuki Carter for “Jerry Maguire.”

Bump "Juicy Sweatpants" below.

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