Have you ever dreamed of winning the lottery? One Kalamazoo area woman had that dream and it came true when she won $300,000.

I have not been one to play the lottery regularly in any sort of way. Occasionally I'll purchase a Powerball ticket when the payoff is huge. Sometimes around Christmas, I'll pick up a few scratch-off tickets for gifts and even for myself for fun.

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I have never been what I consider a lucky person. Actually, I may be more unlucky than anyone I've ever met. I have bought so many new products that were broken from the get-go than anyone I know. I bought a TV one time, and this was back when they weighed as much as a refrigerator, and it took bringing home three before one of them worked properly.

My bad luck has not ever stopped me from dreaming. I even one time wrote down on a piece of paper all the people I would help if I won one of those crazy lottery jackpots.

According to FOX 17, a Kalamazoo County woman's dream of winning the lottery has come true by winning big with the Michigan Lottery's Cashword by cashing in on $300,000 playing Cashword Multiplier.

In case you wondering where the lottery ticket was purchased, it was a Citgo gas station on 5500 W. D. Avenue in Kalamazoo.

The 46-year-old woman wasn't the only person who has won big playing Michigan Lottery's Cashword Multiplier. So far over $15 million has been paid out since the new game launched back in June.

Looks like I have a new scratch-off to try the next time I gas up my truck.

The Michigan Lottery announced that there is still $17 million up for grabs and out of that two of the prizes are $300,000, six $10,000 prizes, and 35 $2000. I did a little math so it looks like there will be $16,270,000 in smaller denominations to win. One ticket costs $5.

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