UPDATE (March 16):

Joe Osborne, a spokesperson for Meta—formerly Facebook—which owns Instagram, confirmed to XXL on Wednesday evening that the platform removed content from Kanye West's Instagram page for violating the company's policies on hate speech, bullying and harassment. Ye's account has also been prohibited from uploading posts, writing comments and sending DMs for 24 hours.

Additionally, these measures are typically taken against Instagram accounts that consistently break the platform's rules by putting restrictions on the user's account.

Further actions will be taken if the violations of Meta's policies persist.


Kanye West has reportedly received a 24-hour Instagram suspension.

Tonight (March 16), TMZ reports that Ye has violated the platform's policies on hate speech, harassment and bullying after posts about Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, Davidson's friend and coworker David Sirus and comedian Trevor Noah.

A representative for Meta reportedly told the gossip outlet that West will not be able to post anything, comment on any posts or send direct messages, among other available actions on the platform.

Kanye has been very active on Instagram over the last few months, but has really ramped things up over the last few days. He went after comedian D.L. Hughley last Sunday morning (March 13), and then accused Kim of not allowing their kids to come to his Sunday Service outing.

Multiple shots at Davidson followed, which led to text messages between the two leaking via Davidson's aforementioned friend Sirus, whom Kanye has since gone after directly.

This morning, Kanye posted about Davidson's controversial 2019 joke about having sex with a baby. Hughley fired back at Ye hours later, making fun of the rhymer's mental health.

Although it's clear Kanye's goal with all of this is to be a present father to his kids, it remains unclear whether or not his tactics have been effective. Kim is now officially single and seems to be head-over-heels with Pete Davidson.

We will see once West's Instagram ban is lifted tomorrow if he returns to his aggressive posting techniques.

XXL has reached out to a rep for Kanye West for comment.

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