Kehlani's debut album, SWEETSEXYSAVAGE is now available.

The singer's much-hyped debut is 18-tracks long and is a multi-genre project that she says was created to both inspire and empower.

“[Cloud 19] was like, ‘Let me show I can sing!’ and [You Should Be Here] was, ‘Let me show I can write!’ This one’s like, ‘Let me show I can chill! And have fun!’ Really, I was just taking it easy," the Bay Area singer told Rolling Stone about her previous mixtapes.

She says for her part, she's good with making happy music that people can relate to.

“I don’t know why people think pop music is so bad,” she said. “We’ve definitely gone into some shitty shit, and we’ve seen some corny shit. But that doesn’t mean pop music is corny. Nelly Furtado’s ‘Like a Bird’ and Natasha Bedindfield’s ‘Unwritten’ are both pop, and they just make you happy. I like shit that makes me happy.”

Take a listen to the album below.

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