Kendrick Lamar gives future Hall-of-Famer Paul Pierce a proper sendoff in a NBA-produced tribute video called “The Truth.”

The Los Angeles Clippers b-baller played his final NBA game a couple of weeks ago when the Clippers were eliminated from the playoffs by the Utah Jazz. Although Pierce also played for the Boston Celtics, it was fitting that he ended his NBA career in Los Angeles since he's a Cali native.

The video above takes fans back to Pierce’s native hometown of Inglewood, Calif. In the minute-long clip, K.Dot praises Pierce for his accomplishments in the NBA and putting “Los Angeles on his back.”

“Life is not all about the wins and losses,” he said. “It’s also about how you affect people. Paul Pierce, you are The Truth.”

Pierce is a first-ballot Hall of Famer and one of the best small forwards in the league during his prime (circa the 2008 Celtics). The retired b-baller's run with the Clippers will be a footnote in his career, but L.A. fans are very appreciative of his time with the franchise.

We salute Paul Pierce. Watch the video above.

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