Kendrick Lamar is among the big-name artists who are banning the use of cell phones (and picture taking) at their concerts. The Compton rapper joins the list that includes Dave Chappelle, Alicia Keys and rocker Jack White.

According to the Guardian, Lamar is banning phones and not giving professional photographers access to his European leg of his tour, which launched last week in Dublin. The main reason why the TDE rapper is implementing the ban is to protect his brand "and ensure the appetite for tickets remain high." Additionally, Lamar also wants fans to watch his performance instead of talking selfies or recording his show.

It's understandable that artists want to take control of their performance and give fans an incredible experience. Plus, it's little annoying when a person is blocking your view because they are trying to film the show with their smartphone.

Dave Chappelle has implemented a "No Phone-Zone" at his concerts for several years now. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the comedian partnered with San Francisco-based company Yondr, who have created smartphone-locking pouches.

When attendees arrive at a Chappelle show, they must place their phones inside the pouches and lock it shut. If a concertgoer needs to make a phone call, they have to leave their seat and head to a designated station in the lobby, where the pouch can be magically unlocked.

This phone ban might be an inconvenience for music lovers, but for big-name artists, it's important that they control their image and protect their brand.

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