This is an incredible transformation.  Kent county animal shelter posted a video of Mattie, a stray dog that when she was rescued, you almost can’t tell she was a dog.  But she was, and after they removed 5.2 pounds of matted hair and dirt, you could see a great little dog.

Veterinarians had to work fast after she got to the shelter because they could tell she was in pain.  They sedated the pup and started the long process of removing all the hair.  Her backside didn't' even look like it was hair. Poor thing.

After they got Mattie all cleaned up, they then went to work on helping her be ok with humans again, as well as helping her get her groove back as she had very little confidence.  Seeing how she came to the shelter, can you blame her? By the end of the transformation video, you can see in her face and walk, that she’s a much happier little girl.

I really can't believe someone let her get so bad, and I don't know about you but the iPhone charging cord kinda pissed me off.

But let's put all that aside because KCAS ended their transformation video saying that she was adopted and her new owners are giving her plenty of love and attention.

Thank goodness Mattie can now live out the rest of her life in a good, safe home.

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