Keyshia Cole is fed up with being lied to on her new song "You," featuring French Montana and Remy Ma and lyrically she's going in with two guns blazing.

"So you know I'm not the one for the bulls--- / I empty out the closet like a full clip / You tried so hard to get at me / I wish you would've left me when you met me / Whole squad said you was a h--, though / Let Breezy know these n----- ain't loyal," sings the Oakland native, with a little message for Chris Brown thrown in.

Plus, some might say that Remy was the perfect person to get on the track, since she has a talent for putting together gritty rhymes that show touches of vulnerability.

"You picked the wrong one, now you pick the right one, got no love left / And I ain't even tryna fight dumb / You keep your birds cause I'm gone when my flight come / You know what you did and honestly I been type done / How you getting h---, take 'em home, then you wife them," spits the Bronx rapper.

Afterwards, French closes things out, before Keyshia comes back in to deliver another hook.

It's rumored that the 35-year-old is hard at work crafting the follow-up to her 2014 album Point of No Return, which will be released on her new label home Epic Records.

Listen to the song via Spotify below.

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