Kirk Franklin may be a preacher but he’s no punk. Over the weekend, after President Trump issued his immigration ban from several Muslim-majority countries, many celebrities expressed outrage over the declaration. Kirk Franklin was one of them.

The gospel star went on his Twitter account to expressed his disappointment and told his followers that everyone should be treated as human beings no matter their race or religion.

“I am a Christian who would rather sit at the table with a Muslim brother than ban him from a home that wasn’t originally mine..." he tweeted to his followers.

After his tweet, a Twitter troll tried to shoot down Franklin's harmonious tweet by suggesting that his Muslim brothers are "evil" while bringing up his daughter in the conversation. “I trust u’ll be leaving ur doors unlocked tonight. Oh & ur brothers want to know if u have a daughter,” he wrote.

Franklin, who is a father of four children (including two daughters), wasn't having it. “Yes I have a daughter and the ability to protect her. Please come so I can have a reason to introduce you to it in Jesus name,” he tweeted back.

Even Franklin's youngest daughter Kennedy chimed in and dragged the troll on her timeline as well. "Nah you threatened me lol. Wassup? [Don't] hide behind that avi and get bold. Person of any color background or religion should be loved," she wrote.

The congregation on Twitter also saw Kirk Franklin's epic clapback and praised the gospel star for protecting his family "in Jesus' Name." Check out the fans' reactions below.

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