NBA legend Kobe Bryant was just as puzzled as the rest of us when he heard Kanye West say that “slavery was a choice” during his interview on TMZ Live last month. The former Los Angeles Lakers b-baller was speaking with high school students at We Rise LA and offered his thoughts on West’s uninformed comment.

"I'm sure [I felt] the way everybody else here in this room feels," Bryant tells the student after he was asked about West's remarks. "'The hell are you talking about?' I think that was my reaction as is everybody else's reaction."

"The thing about our country is that you have the right to say whatever it is that you want to say," he continued. "That's the beautiful part about living in a democracy. Conversely, you have to take the responses that come after that as well."

Bryant feels that 'Ye is "always in a constant state of growth" and take it for what it is. But to be clear, Bryant "completely disagree(s)" with West's comments.

Bryant joins the list of celebrities who are vehemently opposed to West remarks. Stevie Wonder has come out and said that the rapper-producer's comments are "foolishness." Meanwhile, T.I. appeared on West's single, "Ye Vs. The People," to express his concerns about his comments and mental well-being.

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