Lalah Hathaway and Lecrae live to inspire, and their music proves it.

Yesterday (Feb. 21), the five-time Grammy-winning singer released her first single of 2017, and the message is in the title— "Don't Give Up." Hathaway recruited her three-time Grammy-winning colleague Lecrae to assist in giving fans a humanizing lesson in love.

The three-and-a-half-minute Tiffany Gouche-produced ballad exists to let fans know that they are not alone - no matter what they're going through - and asks that everyone lend a hand to one another because we won't be able to survive attempting to make it alone.

“In times like these, this message needs to be sounded loud and clear,” Hathaway says of the song. “We have to be reminded that we are all listening to each other. You are not alone.”

Lecrae's lyrics only add to the impact Hathaway is hoping this song will have on anyone willing to listen.

"This is just a new season, gon' and plant the seed in that ground/And, you needed space to reach the stars/You been planted/You don't realize your soil/You just take that ground for granted/But, you going through where so many there before you/While plenty may ignore you/It's many that adore you/Hopefully, this restore you/For you, I pray often/Keep that dream alive like you Martin," he raps.

Lalah's new single is slated to live on her forthcoming, currently untitled, EP, due out later this year.


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