Many of you know me as Lee Stephens, Program Director of Magic 104.9. But, my name is Ed Spillers and I come from a lineage of history makers and leaders. It was imparted on me very early who I came from and the legacy I would soon be in charge of carrying on.

Fast forward to February 12, 2020. My Grandmother turned 102 years old and is still living independently. She received the biggest honor to date. I am so honored to have a Grandmother that shaped the narrative of the African-American experience in Cincinnati and the world as the former Publisher of the Cincinnati Herald. An African-American newspaper at a time when they were only telling negative stories about Black People. The paper, and others like it in other cities, gave the true account of the Black experience in Cincinnati. The paper is actually still in existence today.

This past Wednesday, I went back to my original hometown to celebrate the unveiling of Marjorie Parham Way in Cincinnati. Yes, I cannot believe it. My Grandmother got a street named after her. I am grateful for this important history maker. But, you know what? I am just grateful that through it all she's always simply been Grandma. Now, she will live forever every time anyone travels down Lincoln called Marjorie Parham Way.

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