It's time for kids to go back to school, which means it's also time for teachers to dip into their own money to buy supplies they'll need for their classroom during the next school year.  Usually, this is art supplies, extra notebooks, crayons, resource books, flexible seating, books to read, etc. and it adds up, money-wise, for a group that's already not paid enough.

I came across a story from 6ABC in Philly that was talking about a cool new viral trend where a teacher in Texas set up to help teachers get supplies they need by creating Amazon Wishlists.

Courtney Jones the teacher who started the movement calls it Amazon "Teacher Giving".  She says originally it started as a group of teachers trying to help gift each other needed supplies when they could, then word spread and others started making donations.  So far she says around 25,000 people have helped #ClearTheList, which is the action of finding a teacher's Amazon Wishlist and sending them some or all of their supplies listed.

I think this is such a great idea and something we can do right here in West Michigan!  I know plenty of teachers who have the biggest hearts but are trying to make it money-wise just like the rest of us.

So here's my thought:  Let's Help West Michigan Teachers #ClearTheList -

We had a link up for teachers to submit their lists, and we got quite a few.

If you're interested in helping students in our community get the school year started off on the right foot, then please, click a list or even a few, and send supplies.  You don't even have to get up to do it... unless your credit card isn't saved on your Amazon account.

**When you check-out, look for the name in your addresses that won't have address info, for privacy purposes.

If you want to help, click on the links below to go to each wishlist.  We'll continue to update as we get new lists! 

Classroom Wish List - This is for a first-grade teacher

A new Reading Specialist and Robotics Coach at North Park Montessori in Grand Rapids could use some basic books and some robotic bots!

Mrs. Cesar’s Kindergarten wishlist - she Kindergarten teacher in Sterling Heights, MI.

Here's Bryan's list, he's a Young 5's Teacher at Discovery Elementary in Kentwood.
Mrs. Bird's Book Wishlist - she's looking for some new books for the kids to read!
Here's Jean's list - Jean's a 4th-grade teacher in Kentwood
Kinder Wish List - for a first-year teacher, teaching Kindergarten, in Kentwood Public Schools.
Movement/Social Skills Class - We have several young friends who need a time out of class to have extra wiggle/movement time so they can then go back to class to focus.
A Kentwood Elementary Art Teacher has a list on - which she has her shopping list, and we can help pay it off!
Kentwood Public Schools Wishlist - this one came with that title, so I'm not sure if it's a collective wishlist or for a teacher, either way, some cool things needed.
Here's a  middle school teacher, for Kentwood Public Schools. She teaches all things STEAM, using the design process.
Lana's WISH LIST - She's a first-grade teacher who wants to instill the joy of learning in her students.  ALSO, her list was shared by one her student's Mom, which I think is also pretty special.
Mrs.Dykstra’s 2nd Grade List - She teaches in Allendale.
Michelle's Wish List - She teaches 5th grade and wants to expand her library.
Mrs. Heiser’s Classroom Wish List - She's an elementary music teacher in Grand Rapids.
New Books for Classroom 21! - For a 6th grade teacher who's new to the Cedar Springs district.
Sutherby's Room - This is her second year teaching special education and she needs some supplies to help enrich my students' school day!
School Supply List - "The materials on this list will be used to help teach students at Discovery Elementary within Kentwood Public Schools in Grand Rapids MI."
Teacher Wish List - Krista is a first-year teacher for K-2 students with Autism at Cedar Trails Elementary in Cedar Springs, MI.
Deb's Wish List - She's a high school English teacher in Rockford, and is also trying to create an escape room activity for the students.
Mrs. Stein’s 5th Grade Wish List - She's looking for basic supplies for the classroom.
5th Grade Class Wishlist - This wishlist also includes curtains because the classroom gets a LOT of sun, and it gets really hot... plus some other supplies!
Ms. Martell's Kinders - A second-year kindergarten teacher at South Haven Public Schools. She wants her students to learn with hands-on activities and art projects to show learning can be fun and interactive.
Classroom 2019-2020 - a 3rd-grade teacher at GRPS, looking for alternative seating, recess games, and STEM materials!
Mrs. MacVane's 1st Grade Wish List - She's a first-year, first-grade teacher in Hudsonville.
 Mrs. Glass’s Teacher Wish List - She's a first-grade teacher in Kentwood Public Schools. I love creating engaging lessons with opportunities for movement and creativity!
2019-20 classroom Wish List - She teaches second grade at Hudsonville Public.
Wish List - for a 4th-grade teacher at Discovery Elementary in Kentwood.
Y5s class wish list - This list is for a brand new Y5s classroom in Allendale
Beth’s classroom list - This list is for a Special education teacher from Belding coteaching 3rd grade for the first time
Kindle Wish List - Her note says it best: Thank you so very much for helping to create a flexible learning environment for my 3rd-grade classroom!
New List - For a Third-grade teacher, looking to create a flexible learning area

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