Last year, Tee Grizzley kicked it with Lil Reese in the Chi after he received backlash for his lyrics allegedly aimed at late Chicago MC Lil' JoJo were featured on an alternative version of his "No Effort" record. Now, Reese and Tee have linked up for a new song called "Ready 4Real," bringing the two Midwest natives together.

The hardcore spitters deliver some intense street bars on the Trauma Tone-produced instrumental, with Grizzley handling the hook. Reese launches into the first verse by rhyming about his success, but keeping himself grounded in his home city at the same time.

"Smokin' on the opp when we roll up (roll up)," Reese raps. "Shit got tough I ain’t fold up (fold up)/Stackin' all this money from the floor up (floor up)/Still in the hood and I blew up (blew up)/300 with me and I roll up (roll up)/Me and Tee Grizzley won’t slow up (nah)/Too much money can’t control us."

Grizzley tackles the next verse, where he takes shots at those who talk a good game on the internet, but don't act out their words in person.

"Niggas only thugs on the net (on the what)," Grizzley rhymes. "Before I got verified, I had a check/A-R pistol make a mess of your flesh/2,000 pills, turn around with them racks (them racks)/I’m strapped, he strapped too (strapped too)/Blow strapped, Reese strapped too (glizzy's)/Manny strapped cause niggas fu (boy)/Don’t let IG get you blew (bitch)."

The "First Day Out" MC is still working on his debut studio album, Activated, which he has been teasing since his breakout summer season last year. He's also preparing his next mixtape, Still My Moment, which follows in the footsteps of his My Moment mixtape of last year.

We'll have to see when it will arrive, but for now, listen to "Ready 4Real" track below.

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