If you thought Lil Uzi Vert was gonna stop getting his face pierced after his go at it with the huge pink diamond, you were wrong. Now he has more than seven facial piercings.

On Thursday (Dec. 30), video and photos surfaced online of the eccentric rapper adding to his collection of face jewelry. The new piercing is on his upper cheek and features a bar and chain that connects the jewelry on his face. A short video of Uzi getting the piercing shows the Philadelphia rapper calmly sitting in a chair while the body modification artist completes the job as they make small talk.

Uzi now has a piercing in the bridge of his nose, bother upper cheeks, bother lower cheeks, his forehead and two in his lip. When it comes to living the rockstar lifestyle, Uzi goes hard or goes home.

The new jewelry Uzi recently added to his mug pales in comparison to the huge $24 million pink diamond he had inserted into his forehead back in February. Uzi was the talk of the town until the reported 10 karat stone was ripped from his forehead during the 2021 Rolling Loud Miami Festival, according to the rapper.

Uzi later revealed the placement of the expensive stone had his insurance company tripping. “I had to really get my shit together,” Uzi later told Twitch streamer Trainwreck’s Scuffed podcast about the experience. “My insurance tried to cut me off, they were like, ‘This kid’s trying to kill himself.’"

"Because we knew it was a piercing, my insurance looked at it like, ‘This kid just implanted this diamond in his head, and he’s gonna die,’" he continued. "They’re retarded...I really had to call the piercing person and show them low-key everything that I got a piercing. It’s literally a piercing. But everything's straight.”

Uzi went viral last week after video of him having to be restrained from fighting a man in a jewelry store surfaced on the internet.

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